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Janitri offers medical-grade fetal, maternal and newborn monitoring solutions to use at hospitals or home. Backed by clinical research & patented technology to ensure safety and accuracy.

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A New Age Fetal-Maternal Monitoring System

Designed with six years of research in collaboration with mothers, gynecologists, nurses and other stakeholder.

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Patient Comfort

Wireless & compact devices to improve the mother’s experience during monitoring.

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Auto Interpretation

Save time and improve decision-making with our auto-generated interpretation.

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Remote Monitoring

Doctors can access the data remotely on their phones to take the right decision at the right time.

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Safe & accurate

Clinically validated by prestigious hospitals, approved by regulatory bodies & ISO13485 certified.

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Hospitals & Clinics

Our Expert verified Fetal-Maternal Remote Monitoring System help hospitals and clinics provide better care for expectant mothers and their babies, it allows doctors and staff to access all important patient health data and graphs remotely so they can avoid complications and have a stress-free pregnancy.

Solutions for Hospitals & Clinics
Doctors Love Our Products
Dr. Latha Venkatram
Senior Gynaecologist, Rangadore Memorial Hospital, Bangalore
“Keyar CM” is a path-breaking innovation which is very different from conventional CTGs available currently. It is very affordable, portable and easy to use and also provides real-time relay of the data with timely alerts and alarms.
Dr. Venkatesh Murthy N
Taluk Health Officer, Sidlaghatta Taluk, Chikallapur District.
Janitri's hospital software was of great help to all doctors, and staff nurses working in these hospitals, and even in absence of doctors, our staff nurses were able to identify the early danger signs of ANC and refer the patient for further follow-up in higher centers.
Mr. Rajesh Ranjan Singh
Chief Executive Officer, Wish foundation
The analyses are easily interpretable by a low-skilled health worker. Use of Keyar devices in primary healthcare settings at the last-mile in developing countries can substantially improve the quality of intrapartum fetal and maternal monitoring.
Dr. Mamta Gunawat
Junior Resident(JS), MCH Group Hospital, Sawai Madhopur
The hospital software by Janitri has helped in the timely management of the referrals that come from the peripheral centers. The doctors and the staff get the information before the patient comes to the hospital, and it helps in early preparation and early intervention.
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Janitri for Mothers

We provide peace of mind to you and your family by keeping concerns and complications out of your pregnancy. A comprehensive pregnancy tracking app and home monitoring devices helps you and your doctor to take the right decision at right time.

Solutions for Mothers
Mothers Love Our Products
Sakshi Patil
“Towards the end of 2nd trimester, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. After that, I was always worried about the health and growth of my baby. Through my doctor, I found out about Janitri. Their home monitoring solutions helped me keep a check on my baby’s health. Thanks Janitri for bringing such solution.”
Nandini M
“Janitri’s home NST solution saved me from travelling to the hospital every 2nd day after 33rd week of my pregnancy. I was sharing regular reports with my doctor and that helped me wait till the right time for delivery. I was blessed with a healthy baby girl and can’t thank Janitri enough for help in this journey. Happy that such products are developed in India.”
Neeraj Jain
“Everything was going alright, but one fine night we didn’t feel the movement of the baby. We waited and waited, but nothing was happening. The next doctor's appointment was in the morning. We rushed to the hospital and post checkup found everything was okay, but those 12–15 hrs were very stressful for us. Later I found Janitri fetal doppler to check baby’s heart beat. It was very small and easy to use.”
“The NST device by Janitri was extremely useful for me during my pregnancy. There were a few times when I could not feel the baby movements for long periods probably due to me busy schedule. Reactive NST was extremely reassuring to me. I would definitely recommend Janitri for pregnant females”

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Janitri offers a wide range of antenatal and labour monitoring products that can be customised to suit your needs.

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