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Premature Baby Care - What Parents Need to Know

Premature babies often go through neonatal monitoring in NICU/PICU. They require specialised treatment and attention due to their unique needs.

Apr 2 3 min read

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Understanding Pediatric (Newborn) Vital Signs

It is important to understand the crucial vital signs and what it represents to fully comprehend the readings from a neonatal vitals monitor. Here, we will explain the normal ranges for a newborn's heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen level, and temperature, as well as variations based on age and health conditions.

Mar 30 7 min read


Navigating the 1000-Days Journey: Vital Monitoring and the Janitri Solution

From the magical moment of conception to the celebration of a child's second birthday – a 1000 days journey is an extraordinary expedition filled with awe, challenges, and boundless possibilities.

Mar 22 7 min read


Wearable Vitals Monitors Transforming Neonatal Care

Explore the potential of wearable vitals monitors in transforming neonatal care. Discover how these innovative devices offer continuous monitoring, improved comfort, and potential for remote healthcare.

Mar 16 1 min read


Essential Newborn Vitals Monitor Guide 2024

Discover the latest innovations in newborn vitals monitor technology to keep your baby's health in check. Get peace of mind with top picks for 2023.

Mar 16 7 min read


Neonatal Care Monitors - Ensuring Vitals are Stable

Understanding vital insights into neonatal care, ensuring the health and development of the newborn.

Mar 16 2 min read


Ensuring Safe Journeys: Transit Monitoring in Ambulances for Expectant Mothers

Ensuring timely and safe transportation for pregnant women is a critical component of maternal healthcare. The journey from home to the healthcare facility during labour is a pivotal moment that can significantly impact both the mother and the baby.

Mar 4 6 min read