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Janitri’s Vaarta section offers you the latest trends, digital health tech insights, opportunities, and best practices in maternal and neonatal care.

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Discover a wealth of knowledge in our blog section covering maternal and neonatal care. Dive into essential articles covering the significance of pregnancy monitoring, the benefits of postpartum and intrapartum monitoring, expert advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, and the latest technological advancements in maternal care. Empower yourself with valuable insights for a safe and joyful journey through motherhood. Explore now!

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Immerse yourself in the profound synergy between humanity and healthcare in the realm of maternal and neonatal care by joining the esteemed community of Janitri. Explore compelling real-life narratives and an integral aspect of our comprehensive approach to maternal care

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Embarking on a journey towards a healthy pregnancy or navigating complexities associated with pregnancy and neonatal conditions can be a formidable undertaking. Allow our team of experts to provide clarity and support. Through our podcasts, we engage in insightful conversations with diverse OBGYNs and expectant mothers, offering valuable insights into prevalent conditions, ultimately facilitating your pursuit of optimal well-being.


Discover Janitri's Vaarta section, where we offer live presentations led by subject-matter experts, delving into dynamic discussions concerning the evolving landscape of maternal and neonatal care. Engage in insightful Q&A sessions, explore groundbreaking advancements in pregnancy and fetal monitoring, and stay informed about developmental strides and ongoing enhancements in the maternal care field.