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Life-Saving Decision: Overcoming NST Machine Limitations with Janitri's Keyar

A public health professional recounts a critical moment in a busy labour ward where an NST machine's limitations risked a baby's life.

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A busy labour ward faced a life-threatening situation when an NST machine failed to alert staff about fetal distress. This incident highlighted the machine's inability to provide timely alerts, risking maternal and fetal health during crucial moments of childbirth.


1. Rely on traditional NST machines lacking prompt alerts for emergencies.

2. Face challenges in detecting fetal distress and making timely decisions.

3. Limited tools available for real-time monitoring of critical parameters.


Janitri's Keyar, an FHR and uterine contraction monitoring device, offers a revolutionary solution. It empowers healthcare providers with real-time alerts and data during childbirth, ensuring timely interventions and reducing risks for both mother and baby. Keyar transforms the birthing experience by providing accurate insights and aiding prompt decision-making.


With Keyar, quick decisions led to saving the baby's life in a critical situation, underscoring the device's pivotal role in maternal and infant care. Our technology revolutionises childbirth by addressing gaps in monitoring, ensuring safer deliveries and healthier outcomes for mothers and newborns.

Janitri's Keyar is a game-changer in maternal care. It saved a life when the traditional NST machine failed. The impact is profound, and the potential to transform childbirth experiences is incredible.

Public Health Professional