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Keyar DT: Safeguarding Newborns with Timely Monitoring

Keyar DT by Janitri played a crucial role in averting potential risks during a seemingly normal pregnancy, ensuring the timely intervention of an emergency C-section and a healthy delivery.

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A pregnant woman, experiencing minor symptoms, appeared to have a routine pregnancy with no complications.


1. Rely solely on clinical assessment, which may not detect subtle fetal distress.

2. Utilise Keyar DT for continuous monitoring, enabling real-time detection of fetal distress.


Keyar DT was employed to monitor the baby's heart rate. When a drop in the fetal heart rate was detected, the doctor promptly performed an emergency C-section.


Thanks to Keyar DT, the baby was delivered safely, preventing potential complications from meconium exposure. Both mother and baby emerged healthy and unharmed.

"Keyar DT ensures the safety of both mother and baby by providing real-time insights into fetal well-being. It's a game-changer for obstetric care."

Attending Physician