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Enduring Pain and Neglect: Kamala's Traumatic Childbirth in a Public Hospital

Kamala, a pregnant mother, suffers in a dilapidated hospital while giving birth, enduring pain and mistreatment from staff nurses.

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Kamala faced agony and neglect during childbirth in a rundown public hospital. She had no choice but to bear severe pain on an iron table without proper care or support, highlighting the distressing conditions many women endure in such facilities.


1. Limited medical attention, poor facilities, and mistreatment from staff.

2. Lack of beds and discomfort worsened Kamala's traumatic experience.

3. Absence of proper pain relief options and compassionate care options.


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With Janitri, Kamala could have experienced childbirth in a supportive environment, closely monitored from home. Our technology strives to prevent traumatic experiences like Kamala's, enhancing maternal care and ensuring a safer and more dignified childbirth process.

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