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Daksh and Keyar DT: Ensuring Timely Referral for a Safe Birth

A 26-year-old pregnant woman experiencing mild contractions and abdominal pain was monitored using Daksh and Keyar DT. An alert from Daksh led to a timely referral to a district hospital, ensuring a safe delivery for both mother and baby.

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The cervix diameter was not progressing as expected, indicating a potential issue with the labour progress. Identifying the problem and taking appropriate action were crucial.


1. Rely on traditional monitoring methods, which may not provide real-time alerts.

2. Use Janitri's Daksh and Keyar DT for continuous monitoring and immediate alerts, enabling timely decisions.


Janitri's Daksh and Keyar DT provide real-time data and alerts. The alert about the lack of cervical progress prompted the staff nurse to refer the mother to a district hospital promptly.


Thanks to Daksh and Keyar DT, the mother received appropriate medical intervention and safely delivered a healthy baby at the district hospital. The technology ensured both lives were saved.

"Daksh and Keyar DT have proven to be invaluable tools in ensuring the well-being of mothers and babies during childbirth. The real-time alerts are a game-changer."

Staff Nurse at Public Healthcare Unit